At JSR Farms we grow a range of crops including; winter wheat, winter barley, winter oilseed rape, vining peas, beans and potatoes based on a 6 year rotation across 4000 hectares over fourteen sites in East Yorkshire.

All of the wheat and barley grown are used in the production of pig feed rations. Arable cultivation and harvesting are carried out using high output machinery including the use of satellite navigation systems to improve the accuracy of cultivations.


JSR is at the forefront of demonstrating sustainable agriculture, particularly the synergy between the arable and livestock sectors. The farms provide straw for bedding, wheat and barley as feed for the pig production business, whilst recycling the straw based manure and slurries to the land as invaluable organic fertilisers.

Particular emphasis is put on the application of separated slurry as a liquid fertiliser to growing crops in the Spring, when maximum demand for nutrient is required.

The altitude of the chalk Wolds facilitates our high health potato seed growth and production is based on 80% of the 200 hectares grown. During the winter months we grade the potatoes for seed companies and growers. JSR has ambient and cold store capacity for over 13000 tonnes in 15 stores.

Although food production is the backbone of the JSR arable business, a short rotation coppice of willow, is grown as a dedicated energy crop producing woodchip.

Animal Feed

At JSR Farms, we produce fifty per cent of our own feed for our livestock.

Our ability to produce a significant amount of our own feed is an important aspect of our focus on sustainability. Both the feed that we grow and the methods we use for growing feed for our livestock contribute to our overall aim of sustainable farming.

Our commitment to protecting the environment and sustainability are an integral part of the JSR philosophy. This is reflected in our farming activities and the positive impact they have on the environment.

Yorkshire Peas

JSR are members of the pea vining co-operative Swaythorpe Growers who supply peas for their own Yorkshire Peas brand. All the farms chosen for pea growing are carefully selected to supply peas and JSR are proud to be part of this partnership.

The fertile Wolds soil and maritime climate facilitates the distinctive sweet taste of peas grown in East Yorkshire and contributes to the reputation of the area for producing the best quality peas in Europe.

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Yorkshire Peas