Corporate Social Responsibility

At JSR we are committed to sustainability initiatives and conservation of the countryside. This is integral to how we farm the land and is the ethos based on how we run our business. Protection of the environment has become our trademark and feature strongly within our day to day activities and also our strategic vision for the future.

The way we demonstrate “Best Practice” is by using our resources in a responsible and sustainable way. We also integrate an effective ‘Conservation Policy’ within the pork, beef and crop production.

Over the years JSR has won two prestigious Silver Lapwing Awards and we are an active member of the national Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG) which helps British farmers by providing trusted, independent environmental advice. We are also a LEAF demonstration farm which is dedicated to showing a wider audience how to farm in a sustainable way by demonstrating IFM (Integrated Farm management) producing safe, healthy food whilst caring for animal welfare and the countryside.

We benefit from taking part in several environmental schemes including those run by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in England. Based on this scheme we are committed to ELS (Entry Level Stewardship) expansion of field margins and HLS (Higher Level Stewardship) initiative whereby we are focused on delivering significant environmental benefits in species rich chalk grassland. We are also committed to efficient energy use and at JSR we grow non-food crops including willow as a dedicated renewable energy solution derived from producing woodchip.

As a family owned company JSR, take an active interest in supporting the local community and various charitable organisations in East Yorkshire.

The health and safety of all our employees and contractors is also of paramount importance to us and we are dedicated to providing a safe working environment for everyone.