JSR operates a modern farming system and our livestock forms an integral part of the JSR portfolio.

Our focus is on environmentally aware and welfare oriented farming which shapes both our approach and the way we farm.

Commercial Pig Production

JSR Pig Production is one of the largest pig businesses in the UK, with 3000 nucleus and multiplication sows supplying breeding stock to JSR Genetics and a further 4500 commercial sows producing pigs for slaughter.

The combined pig production operation markets 160,000 pigs per year.

Production targets of the commercial herd are set as follows:

  • 29 piglets weaned per sow per year
  • 26 pigs per sow sold per year
  • 340kg saleable meat per tonne of rearing and finishing feed
  • 90kg carcass dead weight

We produce our own mill and mix feed rations based at our central storage facility near Driffield. Through our partnership with Harbro, a livestock nutrition company, our feed rations incorporate our own home grown wheat and barley. Working closely with a number of third party arable partners, we have invested in a number of modern pig finishing facilities in East Yorkshire. These finishing facilities are helping us accelerate improvement in overall feed efficiency where 70% of the feed is consumed. Pigs from JSR Commercial Pig Operation are marketed through four processors whose consumers are the main retailers in the UK.


Our Stabiliser suckler herd utilises steep grassland on our Givendale Farm. The Stabiliser is a composite breed based on British native and Continental maternal breeds and was developed in the USA to produce high eating quality beef from low cost production systems without the support of a subsidy.

The breed’s high fertility, ease of calving, high calf survival rates, docility and its ability to grow fast - maximising performance for the least cost. A genetic selection programme is being implemented by recording all breeding animals for three calving traits, four carcase traits and six maternal traits.

In 2012, BIG (Beef Improvement Group Ltd) was awarded a £1.2 million five year project funded by InnovateUK, to improve efficiency in beef production systems and at the same time reducing GHG (Green-House Gas) emissions. BIG and JSR have established a commercial performance test facility in East Yorkshire which is equipped with world leading Growsafe technology to measure individual feed intake. SRUC (Scotland's Rural College) processes the feed intake and animal growth data generated by the system to calculate an individual animal’s NFE (Net Feed Efficiency) value. SRUC geneticists then use the efficiency values to create genetic selection tools and ultimately the first estimated breeding value for NFE produced in the UK which went live in February 2017.

Beef from the Stabiliser breeding programme is marketed locally under the Givendale Prime brand as a naturally reared high eating quality product. In addition a beef supply chain has been developed with Morrissons plc focused on eating quality.

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